Friday, March 5, 2010

Smart! Fertigation System Software

Smart! Fertigation System Software

Smart! Fertigation System is a powerful software tool that enables every grower to master Fertigation at a professional level.

Today, when precision growing methods make all the difference between success and failure, growers cannot afford to guess their way through the complexities of fertigation.

Successful Fertigation Requires Precise
Data Analysis, Not Trial & Error

Smart! Fertigation System instantly selects and calculates the optimal fertilizer blend, based on water/soil composition and growing needs.

Users automatically avoid undesirable chemical combinations, over-fertilizing or under-fertilizing, damage to soil or water sources, irrigation emitter clogs, salinity build-up and many other agricultural pitfalls.

Smart! Fertigation system enhances the growing potential in every kind of growing media and soil, using any quality of water.

The fertilizer compatibility testing prevents precipitates, a major cause of clogging in irrigation equipment, especially drip lines.

Best of all, the user-friendly operation of Smart! Fertigation System does not require any additional computer equipment or special knowledge.

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