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Cili Fertigasi New article : Horticultural fertigation - techniques, equipment and management

Cili Fertigasi New article : Horticultural fertigation - techniques, equipment and management

This article was researched from : Australian Governmetn website

'Fertigation' is the technique of supplying dissolved fertiliser to crops through an irrigation system.

When combined with an efficient irrigation system both nutrients and water can be manipulated and managed to obtain the maximum possible yield of marketable production from a given quantity of these inputs.

Often, solid fertiliser side-dressings are timed to suit management constraints rather than the horticultural requirements of the crop. Most growers will have experienced the dilemma of spreading fertiliser the day before heavy rain and then wondering how much of the fertiliser is either washed from the crop in run-off or leached below the root zone.

Continuous small applications of soluble nutrients overcome these problems, save labour, reduce compaction in the field, result in the fertiliser being placed around the plant roots uniformly and allow for rapid uptake of nutrients by the plant.

To capitalise on these benefits, particular care should be taken in selecting fertilisers and injection equipment as well as in the management and maintenance of the system.


The fertiliser requirements will depend on leaf analysis. The type of fertilisers you choose will be dictated by price and the results of the analysis of your irrigation water.

The fertiliser products which can be used are limited to those that are readily soluble. The many commercially formulated soluble fertilisers available to growers include DRIPpHLO®, GF Flowfeed®, Sustain®, Reef® fertilisers, and Supa Crop®. Many of these formulations are prepared for specific crops, or combinations can be used depending on the crop cycle. They have the advantage of being stable and highly soluble, dissolving rapidly and providing a balance of nutrients so only one product is handled. However, they are generally more expensive per unit of nutrient than are standard fertilisers.

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