Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tiang Konkrit 6 kaki untuk Penanaman Pokok Buah Naga atau Pagar Ladang

Pihak Kami ada menjual tiang konkrit untuk penanaman pokok buah naga atau buah pitaya. Tiang-tiang ini berukuran 4 inchi x 4 inchi dan panjang/tinggi 6'.

Hanya perlu tanam dan guna. Tiang konkrit ini sesuai untuk menampung berat pokok buah naga dan tahan untuk tempoh yang lama.

Jika anda peladang persendirian, pemilik syarikat ladang yang ingin menanam pokok buah naga silakan menghubungi kami untuk membuat tempahan. Sesuai juga bagi anda yang ingin membuat pagar disekeliling ladang tanaman, ladang ternakan atau tanah persendirian.

Spesifikasi tiang konkrit / batang pokok naga

ukuran 4 inchi x 4 inchi
tinggi 6 kaki.

Harga RM12 / pertiang untuk ambil sendiri
Harga termasuk penghantaran bergantung lokasi penghantaran. treler disediakan dan boleh mengangkut sehingga 900 batang tiang dalam sekali penghantaran.

Ladang Pokok buah Naga

ladang pokok buah naga

Sila hubungi kami jika berminat.
Sila hubungi kami jika berminat.
Sila hubungi kami jika berminat.

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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Fertigation World news : Fertigation Your Key to Higher Yields, Healthier Crops

Fertigation World news : Fertigation Your Key to Higher Yields, Healthier Crops

This is an interesting articel i abstract from

In the late 1970's, a new concept materialized To serve the international farming community: fertigation. A natural step forward in agricultural technique, fertigation (from the words fertilizer and irrigation) is an effective method of applying chemicals and fertilizers To crops via the existing irrigation system. The need For fertigation derives from the fact that traditional methods of fertilization are only partially effective and leave a lot To be desired. At the time the fertilizer is distributed, it may be too strong For the delicate roots of the young saplings, causing Then irreparable damage. Or on the other hand, it may be too weak, and thus useless. Most important however, is the fact that spread or sprayed fertilizer remains near the surface, hardly reaching the root tips and root hairs - the points of greatest absorption.

In the process of fertigation, fertilizer is applied directly with the irrigation water. Therefore, wherever the water goes, the fertilizer goes with it. Fertilizer is applied only where needed, and in the proper quantities.

The obvious advantages of fertigation, therefore, are the saving of labor and machinery, and the efficient use of the costly chemicals and
fertilizers To be applied. In fertigation, the extra activities involved in the separate application of fertilizer are no longer necessary; neither
is the purchase of maintenance of dedicated equipment For fertilizer distribution.

Additionally, such machinery often compresses the soil and
may cause crop damage. In conclusion, one might say that fertigation is the most effective and least expensive way of proving nutrients To
growing field crops.

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